There are several top brands that use wordpress for their blogs. There is a common false perception that wordpress blogs are for beginners and for those who run small time blogs. The fact is that many top international brands are using wordpress for their blogs. There are several reasons for these top brands to use the wordpress blogs. Here is a list of 5 large brands that use wordpress blogs and also some of the reasons for these companies to use wordpress blogs.

Wordpress Blog - Brands

WordPress Blog – Brands

  1. Reuters Blog: Reuters is a top international news agency and this company uses the wordpress blog for its news blog. The versatility of the blog is the main reason for the news agency to use wordpress. Reuters blog has wordpress mainly because social media as well as various other services can be integrated easily onto the wordpress blog. Developers constantly develop various plugins and other beneficial tools that make it easy and possible to integrate news, videos and other media.
  2. Sony Music blog: Sony music blog has been growing on the wordpress platform. This is because of the ease with which the wordpress blog can be launched. Any new additions can be done quite easily. There is no need to write different kinds of codes for the addition of music files. The launch of files can be done with the existing plugins and codes. There are specific plugins for every activity and this is a big boost for companies like Sony Music that do not need to worry about creating codes for embedding any videos or other fields on their wordpress blog.
  3. Cable News Network (CNN): The CNN blog is the next big brand that runs all its updates and other information on the wordpress blog. The main reason for this brand to use the wordpress blog is the option of scalability. If a small brand is running a blog on wordpress, there will not be huge tons of data. On the other hand, a big brand like CNN will be generating tons of data and all this can be stored and integrated on the wordpress blog. This makes it possible for the company to scale up its blog with ease.
  4. The Rolling Stones blog: Rolling stones is only one among many of the top brands in the music industry that are using wordpress blogs. The reason for these talented stars to use wordpress blogs is because of the beauty of these blogs. These websites (blogs) are very intuitive and this makes them all the more popular. The ease of use of these blogs and their versatility make them the first choice.
  5. BBC America: BBC America is another of the top news brands that use wordpress blogs. The dynamic nature of the blogs is the main reason. The website looks alive and it is very flexible, making it possible for users to enjoy the news site with the integrated videos and news clips. The constant improvement in the wordpress community makes it better for the news channel to use this blog to regularly publish and update their news.

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