Education Theme

Top 3 Education Themes

The look and layout of a website give it a distinct advantage over other websites when properly made. The purpose of a theme is to become a sort of guide so that the viewer will go from one part of the page to another in a natural flow of the theme. The flow is pre-designed […]

wordpress 4.8

What is New in WordPress 4.8?

WordPress 4.8, the long-awaited release of the popular content management system (CMS), took place a few days ago. For 2017, WordPress has become a major release. There are some new upgrades to the existing program and added new features. This article will try to tackle the basics of what’s new and what the reader will […]

Website Speed Test

How To Test The Speed Of Your Website?

The speed of the website is becoming more and more important. There are even guidelines from Google, the largest and the most popular search engine that the page ranking as well as search engine results will also depend on the website loading speed. In the near future, it could trigger a war between webmasters for […]

Management Mailing List Plugins

Best Mailing List Management Plugins 2017!!

A mailing list is important for any business to grow. Management of the mailing list is the key to the success of a website and the business being run on the site. This is because the right kind of list management will help in more business conversions. If the mailing list is not properly maintained, […]