HTML validators help in checking if the syntax is correct and also help to identify the mistakes. For users who have used HTML to create codes for webpages, they would have noticed that it is easy to overlook a quotation mark or even leave an open tag. The resultant distortion in the webpage from what you expected is simply unbelievable. It is important for you to try and correct these mistakes. This is where the HTML validators help. These validators will help in identifying the mistakes in the code and also helps in checking the integrity of the various elements of HTML.

HTML coding

HTML coding

The Commonly Used and Most Popular HTML Validators

  1. W3C validation: This is the top scoring validators. There are several important aspects about the W3C validators. It is free of cost and can be used online. The creators of HTML standards also use this validator and so it is likely to be the best validators used by people. The disadvantage of this validator is that it does not look at the spellings or correct them, but it mainly looks at the codes and checks all the necessary syntax.
  2. Mozilla Firefox add on Validator: The Mozilla Firefox add on validator scores high on the ease of use and also because of its availability on the browser itself. It is simple to use once you have downloaded the add on from the tools section. You can simply add the address of the webpage onto the tool and check. It provides the results to you to check and correct.
  3. Dr.Watson: The advantage of Dr.Watson as a HTML validator is that it also includes spell check and link checking. These services are not usually available in good quality validator services. So, any person who is likely to have made some spelling mistakes can use this service. Also, if there is a doubt about the links that you have used in your codes, then it is best to use Dr.Watson to validate the links within the HTML codes.
  4. WDG HTML validation: This is a simple tool that will only do the basic validation. If there is a live webpage, then this validation tool can be used to check the codes. It will help in providing a list of errors that can be checked and rectified. It does not offer services like link checking or spell checking.
  5. CSE HTML validator: This validation tool is of 3 different levels. The lite level is free and has minimal features. This validation tool also has a standard level and a Pro level. Both these levels are paid services and the Pro level is more expensive than the standard validator. The Lite level would be good for beginners and the Pro and standard level would be beneficial for professionals. The advantage of the CSE HTML validator is that it is available in different levels and can be used by different levels of coders as per their need.

There are several other HTML validators too, but the 5 that have been listed here are the top of the class!

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