WordPress 4.8, the long-awaited release of the popular content management system (CMS), took place a few days ago. For 2017, WordPress has become a major release. There are some new upgrades to the existing program and added new features. This article will try to tackle the basics of what’s new and what the reader will experience in the new addition of the PHP and MySQL-based program. The reader will also be shown which upgrades to watch out for after their websites are updated to the current new version. The themes designed at OceanWebThemes support this new wordpress update and proudly assure you that all our web themes are updated to give you the best web experience ever!

Evans Update

Evans Update

1.Download and Install:

This latest version of WordPress was released on June 8, 2017 with the version number 4.8 and the code name of “Evans” named after legendary Jazz pianist and composer William “Bill” Evans.The user can manually download the latest version here and install the program if necessary but, if the user is on a hosting service website, there is no need to do so.

2. A Trio of Widgets:

The most popular in-demand item on the WordPress requests lists are the widgets. With that in mind, WordPress now has three default widgets named the image widget, the video widget, and the audio widget.

a. The Image Widget

Users earlier had to deal with the problems of plugins or extension whenever they wanted to place an image in the WordPress sidebar. Extensive HTML had to be written to incorporate the images in the website. The image widget takes care of that. Now, you can just drop the widget where you want on the sidebar and ‘Add image’ and WordPress will do so. The WordPress media uploader will appear once you do so and you can upload a new image. Click ‘save’ and this will store the image to your widget.

b. The Video Widget

Like the image widget, the video widget also works for ease of the user and allows instant uploads from Vimeo, YouTube or any other video embedding service provider. it should be noted that full content uploads to the WordPress website can be problematic as far as online website space is concerned. Therefore, it is advised that the user use host websites like Vimeo, YouTube and upload links via the WordPress widget. Similar to the image widget, just drop the widget where you want on the sidebar and ‘Add video’ and WordPress will the same. Like with the image widget, the WordPress media uploader will appear again and you can upload your video or attach a URL link. Click ‘save’ and this will store the video.WordPress will also, additionally, fetch a thumbnail preview for your uploaded video.

c. The Audio Widget

The audio widget works in the same way as the image and the video widgets. Just add the audio file or URL link to the widget and save. The WordPress audio widget supports most audio formats such as MP3, WAV and OGG files formats.

d. Rich-Text widget

Additionally, there is also the usual text widget that allows the user complete power over customization and formatting tools on the website. There is also a visual editor in the new WordPress which allows you to customize your articles and allows you to work with the HTML using buttons to add links and the like. You do not have to write the HTML yourself but advanced users still have the option to do so manually if they so choose.

3. Dashboard Widget for WordPress News and Events

The admin area of the WordPress site contains the events as well as news updates section where returning users can catch up on the latest news happening in the world of WordPress as well as their preferred news recommends. The new dashboard widget appears on the admin area now and recommends news relative to your location. For users visiting your website, the widget also searches for events and news updates relative to their location. The widget can use the individual IP addresses to search the user’s location for news updates relevant to them. You can change your location setting manually to view events anywhere in the world.

WordPress 4.8 has focused on their content editor this time around, focusing on tweaking the best user experience possible for their content. Therefore, a substantial amount of source coding was done to ensure the perfect user experience. All this is done to delete inconsistencies subject to the previous versions of the program.

So far, WordPress 4.8 has been downloaded 4.8 million times.


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