The look and layout of a website give it a distinct advantage over other websites when properly made. The purpose of a theme is to become a sort of guide so that the viewer will go from one part of the page to another in a natural flow of the theme. The flow is pre-designed so as to ensure minimal distraction and optimal achievement of purpose. This is similar to education where textbooks present matter in a curated manner so as to ensure that students will absorb necessary knowledge by the end of it. WordPress being the site that it is, also strives to achieve this distinction, thus providing education themes to its users.

Therefore, themes are tailor made for the WordPress user to ensure that maximum knowledge is gained from the website or blog. The following are a few WordPress themes related to Education that ensure perfect and quality design and operate functionally. For other specific or multi-purpose free WordPress themes click this link.

Education One - Education Themes

Education WordPress Theme One – Ocean Web Themes

  1. Education One WordPress Theme

The most versatile of the WordPress Education Themes, Education One WordPress Theme is one of the best themes in the open market right now. There is ease of use and minimal design that allows for flexible multi-user usage. Simple, efficient, elegant and clean, the theme is beautifully designed to be compatible with the business purpose of WordPress as well as the multiple other purposes. It is highly responsive, compatible amongst a wide array of browsers, SEO compatible, and is suitable for mostly any time of work. It also ranks as the most compatible with browser plugins used by WordPress. It offers great customer support in a variety of platforms from chat to forums. The theme’s key features are, modern design, animations, centered banners for image header, top form as well as navigation menus that are custom fixed with scrolling animations.

Divi Theme

Divi Theme

  1. Divi

Aesthetic degisn is the key behind Divi, one of the best WordPress education themes built with design in mind. It also has 20 layouts that are pre-designed and which capture information the way you want. Mobility is one of the best features of the theme allowing users to work from anywhere. Another great feature is template-scratch design. Divi allows to use pre-installed templates or gives you the option to build your theme with ease. Even a new user with no knowledge of design can use the simplified Divi theme to design their website.



  1. EduPro

Those looking for a third option need not look any further than EduPro. It is perfect for schools since it allows use of multiple languages. Students and teachers can devise a variety of ingenious experiences of education and presentation that can benefit all.

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